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With almost 20 years of field experience in front line uniform law enforcement, we understand the unique environment that a law enforcement service is embodied within.

We are a proud member of the "thin blue-line" family and
this background makes Strategic Enforcement a no non-sense service provider that concentrates on a "function over form" approach making safety and security a strict priority over image. We exclusively focus on training and consultancy services to Provincial, Territorial, Municipal, private enforcement and protection services across Canada.

Our hard line is Officer safety coupled with effective program management. We are ready to assist you in launching your Officers and program into the progressive and professional service your community and clients expect. 


When considering a training and consultancy service for your agency, select a provider that has real world experience in law enforcement for the most effective and progressive solutions. 



Total review and rebuild of your Enforcement Agency. This program focuses on a consultation type of review and report of your enforcement agency. However, what makes this program different is that we stay on-board with after the review and consultation to assist, manage and direct you through a total overhaul of each required aspect of your agency. 




A full review of your Enforcement Agency. This program is a standard consultation review of your Enforcement Agency, its practices and program delivery. Upon completion your Agency will be provided with a full document compiled with all reviewed data and recommendations as to how to improve the service you provide to your community.




A review of the tools your Enforcement Agency need to perform safely. This program strictly offers your agency an opportunity to have your guidelines reviewed. This can include Municipal By-Laws and Agency policies and procedures. Having this type of review allows your agency to determine if they are keeping up with modern practices and trends, however, it also allows your agency to ensure that the By-Laws it is responsible for enforcing and maintaining are producing the desired results and serving your community appropriately. This program is also available to Security agencies in as far as policies and procedures are concerned. Following the review, a full report will be provided along with recommendations from improvement.




Modern and professional options to keep your staff current and safe. 

Strategic Enforcement supplies the following training options for your staff:

  • Officer Survival (Peace Officers / Security Guards / By-Law Officers)

  • Traffic Stop Tactics (Police Officers / Peace Officers / Alberta Peace Officers, JSG Accredited Training Course #A20190610-0005 - Exp June 10, 2024)

  • Vehicle Approach Survival (By-Law Officers / Parking Enforcement Officers / Security Guards)

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations (Police Officers, Peace Officers) 

  • OC Spray (Police Officers / Peace Officers / By-Law Officers) * COMING SOON *

  • Defensive Tactics (Peace Officers / By-Law Officers / Security Guards) * COMING SOON *




Strategic Enforcement is available Canada wide. Contact us.



Head Office:

Cochrane, AB T4C 0R7

Phone: 905.808.0918

Thank you for your inquiry. We will be in touch with you soon.

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